AjantaProducts.net – Filled With False Information

AjantaProducts.net is a professional looking pharmacist website. They offer cheap rates and 24/7 support and appear to be associated with a major medical company. Take a look at what they offer to discover that everything is not what it seems.

Domain Information

Domain age for this site is not encouraging. It was created on February 12, 2019. It was less than two years from now. As any customer with experience in this field will tell you, small internet pharmacies cannot be trusted. While some are real, most are scams. The distinction between the two is difficult enough because small sites are not in use for long enough to leave a paper effect that you can follow and search. This is why so many people choose to ignore them. This is the most secure approach.


Business Details

AjantaProducts.net does not provide real address or business information on the site. Part of the reason for this may be avoiding litigation of the actual Ajanta company, but it also makes it harder for fraudsters to recover. This pharmacy uses the name and logo of the famous Indian pharmaceutical company. Founded in 1973, Ajanta Pharma has operations in 30 countries and revenues exceeding $ 300 million. This may seem reassuring, but there is a big problem. We do not believe this pharmacy operates or is related to the pharmaceutical company. Instead, use the name and logo to appear reliable.

It seems unlikely that they will have permission to use the company logo as they are. What they do is deceive online shoppers, and the reputable drug company will not allow it. Another indication that they are not working with Ajanta Pharma is that they are asking suppliers to contact them.

Legal Approvals

As expected, AjantaProducts.net has no regulatory authority. Organizations like Legitscript.com and CIPA that monitor online pharmacies have never heard of it before.

Available Products

It looks like the store only sells Ajanta products. However, since there is a request from the service providers to contact them, anyone can buy the pills. This can lead to low-quality products and products that are not already manufactured by Ajanta. This may mean that the pills do not contain the ingredients you expected and that they produce results that are not as they should be. This means that buying from AjantaProducts.net poses a greater risk than you can imagine.


Payment and Delivery

The store accepts credit card payments only. The prices on the platform are so low that it will attract many people. Delivery is using standard international airmail and international express mail. Shipping costs are approximately $ 10. You should receive the medicine within 21 days, despite delays.



Cooperating with Ajanta Pharma is not the only wrong thing on the site, and their comments from AjantaProducts.net are not real either. We’ve seen the same comments before in other fraudulent pharmacies and they’re designed to make you think this is a good place to buy your medication. Comments are general in nature and deal with the delivery of pills or their effects. One of the reviews even gives a date from 2006 when they placed an order while we know that this site has been available online only since 2019. Don’t be fooled by the positive reviews in this store, it aims to trick you.



AjantaProducts.net has no business address. He is a young man and he has chosen to lie about his age. These are signs of fraudulent behavior, which is why the pharmacy has a low rating and we give them 1 star out of 5.