– Questioned Big Time claims to have a customer base spanning the globe. Although she looks like a real drugstore, we found she was involved in many drug offenses. Below is a full description of this online pharmacy.

Domain Information

If we look at the archive, we can see that this store has been online since 2008. This is too long and makes it more likely to become a legal and safe pharmacy. The expiration date was set in the year 2021. This pharmacy hides its identity and not all information that customers need can be received on its website.


Business Information domain name has been registered by a company in Barbados, the name of which is hidden. The pharmacy has a very suspicious assessment. suggests that it may not be safe to work on this site. However, this online store is located in Surrey, British Columbia. When searching with Google Maps, the address already appears to exist.

Regulatory Approvals

LegitScript has a problem with that. They give the pharmacy an evaluation of a rogue organization that operates outside the law and should not be trusted. The pharmacy has some legal approvals from famous Canadian associations. They have pharmacies and CIPA checkmarks on their pages. Verification of these allegations appears to be original and may offer seals on its website. This is to ensure that you retain your privacy when ordering through and that your credit card information is not stolen.


Available Products

One of the surprising things we discovered in this Canadian pharmacy is that not all of its products actually come from Canada. Many of the product lines they supply to their customers are actually shipped from international shipping centers. This store offers a wide variety of medicines, including medicines for pets. They usually sell brand name pills with cheap medicines. They say compliance centers in their country are well organized, but they do not provide evidence. Even if this is the case, do you really think that the rules in, say, India are the same or strict as in Canada? However, tell you where the medicines will be sent before ordering. If you want, you can keep products from Canada.


They collect reviews from from the buyer’s authorized site. There they have an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. See reviews from real customers and show that this pharmacy offers its customers a fairly safe service.



Although this pharmacy has unsafe payment methods that put customers at risk of fraudulent charges, we believe can’t be trusted. 2 stars out of 5.