– Cheap generics with issues is a Canadian company that it says offers a safe and effective alternative to high prescription prices in the United States. They also claim to serve more than 150,000 US customers. USA Take a look at the store and take a look at their offers to see if they are really good as they say and if you should consider your next online order.

Domain information

The records of all domain name records are available for all to verify. This allows us to see some details, such as who owns the site and when it was registered. We can see that domain name was registered in 2002. Generally, a long registry like this indicates that the pharmacy is more reliable and legitimate than just a newly established store. Due to its long history, the pharmacy is unlikely to have torn its customers apart.


Company information

There is a name and business address for the Canadian pharmacy whose products are distributed on the contact page. This is a true retail store in Canada. They do not provide any other company information, so we have to assume that this company also owns the pharmacy’s website.


Prices and products is an appropriately named website. Their prices are low because they only sell prescription drugs. The cost of your generic drugs is less than in the United States due to Canadian drug regulations that limit these prices. You can’t buy any home medical device, infant formula, or pet supplies here. You can send and complete them by email, fax or phone call. They have hundreds of medications in stock. A limited selection of over-the-counter medications are available on the site, such as over-the-counter pain relievers.


Legal approvals

This pharmacy has a Pharmacy Control stamp prominently displayed on the front page of the site. When we verify this credit, we discover that it is genuine and that they are allowed to display this seal. Pharmacy Checker ensures that online pharmacies use licensed pharmacies and have a privacy and security policy. They also confirm that customers can obtain a consultation from a pharmacist if necessary and the store will verify that the prescription is valid before approving the distribution of the pills.


Payment and delivery

Most major credit cards are accepted for payment. They are rare when accepting bitcoin. Emphasizes Prescription Services Offering In Oceania; They also ship to countries like New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia. Delivery time varies from one to two weeks if you pay by express mail. Orders take 2-3 weeks if you use standard shipping. Shipping is free if you order online, although they reserve the right to charge for services if someone needs to be online with you. If you’re billed, this average is about $ 10 USD, and one of the points for this pharmacy is its extensive distribution network. It is common to find online pharmacies that connect with pharmacies in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


Customer testimonials can be a great way to really understand how good a pharmacy is. By looking for pharmacy comments, we can find some on the Pharmacy Auditor’s website. Reviews are somewhat mixed, with an overall rating of 3 stars out of 5.



We give 4 stars. We hope your security is better online. We wish that your opponents have not left and have received all of these false negative reviews that turned out to be false due to multiple legal support of the site by third parties.