– Fake License and Fraud

As the name implies, is an online pharmacy based in Canada. The pharmacy claims to distribute high-quality medicines and health products worldwide. However, our background research shows that all of these allegations are false. Here is a full review to support our claims.

Domain Information

The scope of this pharmacy was first registered on March 15, 2002 and was updated on June 21, 2018. While this may indicate that the site is legit, as typical suspicious sites generally release their domain license within a year or two, some details The other is that this pharmacy is a scam. Owner registration information is hidden and the IP site is located in Siauliu, Lithuania even though the company is registered in the United States. The facts are not related and it is clear to everyone why we describe this pharmacy as fraud.


Business Information

Information about the organization that runs is still scarce. We were unable to contact the company name or address. However, we have shown that this pharmacy uses the brand name “online pharmacy”. However, this name is too general to convey a valid company name. In addition, it does not appear in the Canadian Business Register.

Legal Approvals

Legal approvals are required for the pharmacy to operate within the law, and regulatory authorities are responsible for granting such licenses. CIPA is the Canadian equation for such organisms and this pharmacy is not a member of the agency. It has also not been approved by any other regulatory body. Furthermore, the pharmacy has been identified as an illegal pharmacy in LegitScript, which indicates that the medicines offered for sale are probably not safe for human use.



Available products

This pharmacy distributes a wide variety of medications, ranging from sexual health medications to skin care products. According to our research, all medicines come from various Asian countries, including India and Pakistan. The fact that has warehouses in Asia instead of Canada raises questions about the quality of the products available. Although the pharmacy claims to supply both brand names and generic medicines, we believe that all medicines available on this platform are generic. Some of the best-selling products include Levitra, Cialis, Viagra, and experimental erection packs.


Payment and Prices

Visa and MasterCard payment options are displayed on the pharmacy’s website, but a wide range of complaints from customers and those who have inquired about buying medicines on the site makes it discouraged to make payments on the Medicines site may not receive. The site also does not contain an SSL certificate. This pharmacy offers medicines and pharmaceuticals at 70% less than the normal price, and you will also see something in the group of fraudulent chemicals associated with it. The reason for this huge price drop is the purchase of medicines through illegal means such as contraband and counterfeiting of affiliated partners.



We were surprised to learn that customer reviews and testimonials on are incorrect. Word-by-word certificates are copied from mirror sites. For example, the testimony of Samuel of Andorra appears on hundreds of other similar sites. To make matters worse, all words are the same. The people behind this illegal union are only looking for their money and the chance to receive your order is almost zero.



It is important to be a company that people can relate to value, trust and guaranteed delivery. The lack of such ideals and virtues makes it difficult to calculate between legitimate, accredited and approved pharmacies, so that potential customers can find good things to read. The information collected about this pharmacy is largely punishable and punishable, which makes doing business or buying medicines at the pharmacy risky. So we give 1 star out of 5.