– Young and Still Weak is an online pharmacy specializing in the sale of discounted prescription drugs. There is a United States phone number on the website that works 7 days a week, as well as a live chat feature where you can speak to the medical staff at this online site if you have any questions or concerns. You can order at this online pharmacy through its website and its mobile application currently available on Android and iOS. In this article, we present our detailed review of this pharmaceutical website and assess whether it is a secure platform to use.

Domain Information

The domain was created on August 9, 2018. This is normally a cause for concern. The younger the medical store, the more difficult it is to trust. But in this case, you have a lot of evidence that the portal is legitimate, despite its youthful dominance. Most young pharmacies do not earn consumer trust because they try to hide the fact that they are young. Some of them even pretend to be much older than their mastery age suggests. But this only proves that they are fraudulent. This site has done little to cover up its youth. This is an encouraging sign.


Business Information website is registered through an external company called Privacy Hero Inc., which is located in the Providential Islands, but at the online pharmacy, the name of the company is behind this website, a company called Canada Pharmacy Depot based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. At ScamAdviser, this online pharmacy has a 100% confidence score, which means that the site is considered to be at low risk of scam, but it is also important to note that this e-pharmacy is only 2 years old from writing. of this article.

Legal Approvals does not call this approved pharmacy. This is really encouraging. The source has not necessarily certified the pharmacy. However, she has not rejected them either. always calls “dishonest” medical scams. This is the classification that you always assign to pharmacies to avoid. If this website were a scam, would have called it ‘rogue’. But he chose to classify them as “not approved” because they have some merit.
It is even more encouraging to realize that the store is a certified CIPA member. As this is a Canadian company, CIPA certification is sufficient. This is probably why it is rated ‘not approved’ by instead of ‘rogue’

Best-selling Products

Additionally, website promises that you can save your customers up to 90% of the original cost of the drugs and products they buy at this online pharmacy.

Gabitril, another brand name product sold at this online pharmacy that is used for people suffering from epilepsy and other mental illnesses like anxiety and paranoia.
DDAVP, a brand-name version of the drug, also known as Desmopressin, a drug used to treat a wide variety of health problems, such as diabetes insipidus, a type of diabetes where your body can no longer properly regulate water levels and also hemophilia A.
DuoNeb, a medicine taken by inhalation that helps fight lung-related illnesses that affect breathing comfort and air flow to the lungs.
Aciphex is a product that helps reduce stomach acid in people whose bodies make excessive amounts of it, as well as other conditions related to heartburn, such as stomach ulcers and also acid reflux.

Payment and Delivery

Payments at are made with:

  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Bank transfers

They charge a $10 fee for supplies. Order processing takes up to 72 hours. Deliveries are not more than 14 days, but the exact duration will depend on your location. Prices are friendly.


There are a low number of comments available online about this pharmacy’s website, although none of them accuse this site of scams, they are worried that the site is very new and they also use a post office box as their website address .
Also, there are testimonials in the online pharmacy itself, but they cannot be trusted due to the ability of the administrators of this site to edit the testimonials at their discretion, without anyone wanting to stop them.



The internet pharmacy has a series of worrying aspects. It has no comments or testimonials from previous clients. is too young, but earns multiple points due to CIPA accreditation and that is why they get 3 stars out of 5.