– Maybe drugs are FDA approved is a Canadian pharmacy that says it has been operating since 2002. They have provided medicines for more than a million prescriptions and promised to save up to 80%. Take a look at the details of this pharmacy to see if it lives up to this hype and whether you should consider using it.

Domain information

The domain name of this company was first registered on 05-16-2002. As we can see, this means spending 16 years in medical drug sales, drug sales and delivery. No company on the Internet can last long in its industry without gaining the trust of its customers. This, in addition to the fact that this company has never closed at any time, we have the first reason to trust it.


Company name and Address

It may be convenient to find the name and address of the company through which the online pharmacy is managed. This pharmacy gives a title at the York Center in British Columbia, Canada. The Canadian pharmacy called “York Pharmacy” is nearby. The web design of this store looks very old, the site may not have changed in several years. However, the store is protected by a valid SSL certificate to ensure your important financial information is not stolen when entered on this site.


Legal approvals

CIPA approval standards are very strict and because this pharmacy is successful, it has got many qualifications. On the other hand, LegitScript is considered a fraudulent drugstore. The pharmacy is also licensed by the College of Pharmacy of British Columbia, Canada. Trust Scamvisviser and NABP in this pharmacy.


Prescriptions and Prices

All medicines are sold only after the patient provides a valid prescription to a licensed doctor. Likewise, these are branded drugs. Medicines are FDA certified. Medicines are the main products, and if they are of excellent quality, as is the case in this pharmacy, they will undoubtedly help you to obtain the required health condition. This is the brand name and prescription medications, and we expect to see a much higher cost than generic and prescription medications. However, this pharmacy offers cheaper drugs. It saves the customer a lot of money.


Payment options

The pharmacy accepts payments by international money orders or personal checks. However, there are not many details about these payment options. Customers need details about their payment options to see if they’re compatible with the Innes they use.


Some notes can be found on the store’s certification page. These reviews look real, but they are short excerpts from the longest comments. These reviews date back to 2008 and customers rated the store 4 or 5 stars. Reviews look real and from real customers, but not much. Since this store has been operating since 2002, they only have 9 customer testimonials on this site.


Conclusion sells high-quality drugs, has some regulatory approvals, offers a variety of drugs to sell, has a good business profile, and quickly responds to calls. However, some of its policies have not been precisely defined, such as shipping and payment policies.