– Might be Genuine

We decided to check for standards to determine if it was a trustworthy site or a scam. When you open the online pharmacy page, you notice that it has a beautiful and innovative design that allows you to quickly search for medications. Medications are ordered alphabetically from the home page. The site only distributes prescription drugs, making them a great online pharmacy. They will not sell medications that do not have a legitimate prescription. We carry out the following evaluation.

Domain information

This site was created on 02/05/2015. It has been running for just over 5 years. Websites with 3-4 years or less of experience cannot be trusted. So this company barely transferred to legitimate countries. Of course, you can’t fully assess the reliability of a site based on its age. Many fraudulent pharmacies have for years managed to get online and somehow avoid detection. However, four years have been encouraging from


Legal approvals

The site is registered with CIPA, an organization that certifies secure online pharmacies. This indicates that the site is a licensed pharmacy. It is a registered pharmacy with a legitimate CIPA seal. Medications have long been dispensed by prescription. You have legal addresses and legitimate phone numbers. Privacy of medicines purchased through your site. They have a secure online platform that you can safely manage. The site is approved and regulated by PharmacyChecker. Pharmacy status is not supported when checking the site for LegitScript. This indicates that the pharmacy does not meet the criteria for verifying online pharmacies. This also shows that the site is not a fraudulent pharmacy. All of these shortcomings limit customer confidence in online purchases through

Available Products

They claim to offer their products at a much lower price than many of their competitors, but they don’t sacrifice quality. Most online pharmacies are only accessible through their websites. But you can order medications from this company through the website, by phone, and even by email and fax. Certified pharmacists are available to verify all prescriptions and orders. It takes approximately 24 hours to process the order and start delivery. Tracking services are available for delivery from some clinics. Some of the drugs they ship may look different than what American consumers are used to. But this has more to do with the origin of the drugs than with their quality. You must register on the site to request the medication. Any information you share remains confidential. This site is subject to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Protection Act. You will need a valid prescription from a licensed physician in your area. Recipes can be sent by fax or email. Most pharmaceutical partners on the site accept oral prescriptions. However, regulations cannot be transferred from US customers. Because is based in Canada. Medicines not available in Canada are obtained from partners in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. You cannot order controlled substances as medications.


Payment, shipping and delivery

After adding the medicine you want to buy to the shopping cart, you can order through the website, by email or phone number. They promise a delivery time of two to three weeks that is slightly longer than most other pharmacies. However, they assure customers that medications are delivered within 30 days from the day of shipment. They accept payments by electronic checks, credit cards, personal checks and international bank transfers.

Reviews contains many positive comments from various websites on the Internet, which sets it apart from most online pharmacies. However, when verifying your location, there is no rating tab where someone can write a message related to your services.


Few native Canadian online pharmacies in the world. This is one of them, so it obtained a 3 stars out of 5. have all the licenses and certifications you need to prove that you are completely legitimate as a company.