– Significant Risks is an online pharmacy that would operate from Switzerland. The company claims to offer a wide variety of prescription and antidepressants at very reasonable prices. Although this online pharmacy has a professional looking website, our research shows that it does not meet the strict requirements for the manufacture and purchase of medicines. Moreover, we are very convinced that the pharmacy operates from India or China where the drug regulations are not strong. Below you will find a comprehensive overview of this pharmacy.

Domain information

This report tells us some interesting things through this pharmacy website. According to the domain name register, they have been active since 2003. that has been online for so long indicates that they are more reliable and less likely to commit fraud. Pharmacies are not torn anywhere as long as the active intervene to remove them from the internet. The register shows that a Chinese domain registrant is used to purchase this domain name. We can also see that the owner chose to use the privacy service instead of revealing his real name and address. These two factors can often indicate a pharmacy scam in our experience.


Legal approvals

This store does not offer seals from governmental regulatory associations, so it seems they don’t adhere to regulatory standards. LegitScript reviewed this site and came to the conclusion that it is a fraudulent internet pharmacy. This is their lowest rating and shows that this store cannot be trusted.

Products and prices trades in a wide variety of drugs ranging from professional health products to weight loss supplements. Most of the drugs available on this platform are generic drugs from India and China. Common products are men’s health medications such as Viagra, Levitra, Zyban, Propecia and others. The fact that this pharmacy works without permission explains that it can participate in detected smuggling. However, there is no evidence of drug counterfeiting, our study found. However, customers should pay attention to the quality of the medicines available before placing an order. Medicines on this platform are 80% cheaper than usual. Drugs like Viagra cost $ 0.60 per pill, while generic Zyban drugs cost $ 0.61 per pill. Prices can be low because most drugs are generic versions, not involved in patent law. In addition, production costs are cheaper and companies do not have to spend money on marketing and promotional campaigns.


Shipping and Delivery

This pharmacy ships from China and India, where the warehouses compare. Customers have two shipping options: Standard Air Mail and EMS. Standard airmail costs $ 18.00, while EMS costs $ 20. Customers can track their orders from, but they have to pay additional fees for tracking services.


The first few reviews we could read were all positive. A review published by Chris in 2009 shows that this drugstore is next to her word. He had no problems with his last five orders. Another review from Mike also shows a similar trend. According to this pharmacy, it offers “great value for great products”. Another positive review comes from Billy, published in March 2016. He seems happy with how the company works.



As we show, there are many problems with the online pharmacy store. They have no organization, there is a defect in transparency about shop ownership and we have no idea where the grain will be spent. With these reasons in mind, we give 1 out of 5 stars.