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PillPack.com claims to be a full service pharmacy that makes taking medications easier and easier. Have you ever wondered how many online pharmacies there are? There are many online pharmacies and the amazing thing is that only 3-4% of them sell high quality drugs. Over 55% of the drugs that some online pharmacies offer are of poor quality. Do you think it’s easy to get to know them? The answer is, you have to work hard to locate these corrupt sites. Web planning, types of medications, content, prescriptions and everything is important when you start collecting details about the pharmacy.

Domain name information

Domain name registration for this store gives us the information that has been registered since 2004 and will not expire until 2022. This is a good sign for legal pharmacy in general as the least reliable pharmacies on the side of the road before entering is approaching this long time.


Commercial archive

When it comes to company records, the first thing to check is the name of the pharmacy. PillPack.com has a registered and legal brand like Pillpack. Additionally, it has a 100% reliability rating. Scamadviser gave full confidence based on lots of traffic and other data. Use an SSL certificate to safely visit the site. It does not steal your data like fake pharmacies. Pillpack has appeared in some popular places such as Wired, Forbes, The New York Times, etc. He will be happy and give you some relief. You can recommend this pharmacy to everyone. Be careful with the person, as it may not be technically sufficient to use this site. The site is somewhat complicated to use, but since you created an account, you know.

How the service works


PillPack.com work with your doctor and insurance to make sure you get the right medicine. They will complete your prescription automatically if necessary and adjust your medications if the prescription changes. Each month they send you a box of rolls of small bundles that are bundled together. You can open it in the order you took it out of the box and it contains all the pills you need to eat at that specific time of day.

Regulatory approval

For any Internet pharmacy, you must to obtain legal approval to legally manage your business. Rejection reduces the website’s credibility and legitimacy. Some pharmacy regulatory agencies are LegitScript, NABP, Pharmacy Checker, FDA and many others when they meet the specified verification criteria. Pillpack.com is already on the NABP Safe Pharmacy list. The balance is valid for 3 years.


Payments and delivery

Free shipping for every customer. They are not charged for apps. All that the customer must pay is the personal contribution copyright, which is part of the amount that you pay when visiting a doctor or requesting a medicine. While registering, the site requires a payment method to be presented. Users can choose according to their choice. However, they can choose credit card and HSA / FSA card as their preferred payment method. It can be updated later and customers can add their bank account.


On the certification page, PillPack.com claim that their customers love their service and are above average. Pharmacies that make up the average for other websites are not listed, but do not provide additional information on how these scores are calculated. This page also contains some real and positive customer reviews. There are no negative comments here, as you would expect on pharmacy pages.



If you cannot tell if the pharmacy is fake or real, then it is best to avoid it. Pillpack.com is not a pharmacy that you should ignore. They are very confident, so feel free to buy the necessary medicines at an affordable price. These pharmacies are very rare online. It is a legitimate, safe and reliable pharmacy. We give them 4 out of 5 stars.