UniversalDrugstore.com – Long, but bumpy history

UniversalDrugstore.com is a store which offers some low medication prices dispensed from a Canadian pharmacy. They promise easy ordering and regulatory accreditation. We review what they have to offer customers to find out if they are good to their word.

Domain Name Information

The domain details for the pharmacy shows that the store has been online for a long time. The registration from 2002 suggests that this is more likely to be a legit drugstore. Rip off merchants don’t normally stay online for such a long time, so this is encouraging. It isn’t quite as good to find that they are using a domain privacy service, however. This means that their contact information and business details aren’t included in the records. This can sometimes indicate a problem and is often found with less reliable pharmacies which are more likely to be scamming customers.

Business Contact Details

UniversalDrugstore.com provide a contact address on the site. This seems good until we actually check the address. It turns out that this is really a PO box address from a UPS Store in Toronto, Canada. They make it seem like their address is really for offices by using the word “suite” instead of “PO box” in their address.

Regulatory Approvals

The site displays a seal from CIPA. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association ensures that pharmacies operate to certain standards to make sure you encounter fewer problems when placing online medical orders. The LegitScript review of this pharmacy concludes that they are an unapproved pharmacy which doesn’t meet with their high standards. Sometimes these seals are used by unscrupulous pharmacy owners fraudulently, so it is a good idea to click on the seal to make sure it is valid. We do find that they are a member of CIPA as claimed.

Medications Available

UniversalDrugstore.com offers a good choice of treatments. There are well-known brands as well as the cheaper generic alternatives. The prices aren’t as low as are seen on some online pharmacies, however. Despite this drugstore appearing to be a Canadian business, they actually ship the pills from fulfillment centers all over the world. They do say that these centers are correctly regulated in their own countries. It is good to see that they let you know before you purchase where the pills will be dispensed from, however. This arrangement should allow for cheaper meds but it could also introduce problems when ordering. There stands a greater chance of fake, counterfeit or just generally low-quality drugs entering the supply chain of the pharmacy business.

Ordering Process

When you want to place an order with UniversalDrugstore.com they offer you three choices. The first and most straightforward is to complete your order online. Before they will fulfill this request they will need a valid prescription or your doctor’s information so that they can contact them on your behalf. They also allow you to phone their call center using a toll-free number. You will then be guided through the process by customer support. They allow you to make a purchase by mail or fax as well. There are order forms available on the site which you can download and print out before you send it to them along with your valid prescription. This range of options and the requirement for a valid prescription seems to suggest that this is a legit pharmacy which should be safe to use.


UniversalDrugstore.com has SSL site security to make sure your information can’t slip into the hands of criminals. They will take payment through the following methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Personal checks
  • International money orders


Finding customer feedback for this pharmacy has been difficult. This is somewhat surprising given how long they have been in business. The few UniversalDrugstore.com reviews we have found seem to be genuine and positive towards the pharmacy.
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Most of the details we have uncovered seem to suggest that this is a legit pharmacy. They have regulations and seem to have good customer support. Not everything is great, though, with a lack of transparency in some areas. We give the store 3 stars out of five.